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    Vincci Hotels

    Where to stay in Valencia: Design hotels for 21st

    Valencia has also succumbed to the fever of design hotels. In addition to chains specializing in boutique accommodation such as the Petit Palace, now Vincci Hotels takes over and offers 3 exclusive hotels in the city center of Turia specially created to tempt the most modern guests.

    Sleep in Valencia at affordable prices is quite simple … But today, when one talks of traveling it is not the same as it was: many prefer to save on other activities and enjoy first class accommodation in which to rest and relax, a hotel which in itself is part of the travel experience.

    As XXI century travelers we are not satisfied with hostels or guesthouses when it comes to a trip to a national urban destination. All of us look for and need certain amenities even if the rooms are for a short stay of 3 to 4 nights, and what is wanted is a hotel with an excellent location saving you the effort and stress of having to take the car or public transport whenever you want to see something or take part in some activity in your chosen city.

    In the case of Valencia, highly recommended choices are to stay in the old town, in the city center, or alternatively further away in the vicinity of the City of Arts and Sciences. These are areas that, in fact, coincide with the growth plans of the Vincci Hotels chain, which we mentioned above. Its 3 hotels in Valencia (Vincci Palace, VincciMercat and Vincci Lys) could only be genuine design hotels.

    What are these designer hotels like?

    In Valencia, as in other large Spanish cities, new design hotels always choose strategic areas, close to key tourist spots which complement and are closely related to the philosophy and concept of each establishment and what it offers. Art areas with modern technology and unique services are the elements that are usually featured.

    The aim is to give the guest all the necessary ingredients so you can enjoy the city both when walking and when in your accommodation. So when you book one of these hotels you can save may well be saved one day to experience everything that the accommodation can provide: from suites that are truly a refuge from stress to spas or gyms, restaurants with breakfast and gourmet cuisine, fashionable bars open to the public…

    They are highly recommended for business trips or getaways with friends. It is also true that many are very well designed to look after the little ones in the house and suitable entertainment is offered so that parents can rest while they have fun. Of course, if you go with children, book well in advance because the family rooms are the first ones to go especially in high season, holidays and long weekends.

    Value for money

    Designer hotels in Valencia, like almost anywhere in the world are not cheap, backpacker hotels. No. They are hotels that don’t fall below 4-star service, offering a stylish and in many cases, select ambiance. But if we truly analyzed what we offer the guests and the prices and compared it with what is considered cheap, we would win by a mile.

    The level of quality that can be found both in facilities and activities, options, cuisine and attention in such hotels is above the tariffs charged, mainly because special offers and deals can be booked through their official websites with complete packages on offer for a very reasonable amount. Of course you need to be careful because these offers are usually for very specific times and they are nonrefundable.