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    5 Steps to Boost your Sales

    There are more than 74,000 travel agents in the United States, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s a lot of competition for those selling tours, cruises and other travel components. However, finding ways to set yourself apart from the others in your field can go a long way towards enticing customers to walk through your doors or call your office.

    Tips for increasing your travel sales

    1. Add value. While it may be tempting to offer discounts in the hopes of attracting new customers, that tactic rarely ends well. The travel industry operates on such a narrow profit margin that even a modest discount can be disastrous to your business. Plus, the customers you bring in with discounting are likely to leave you for an even deeper discount. Better to offer value, such as an upgrade, a travel accessory or a free experience, like a sightseeing tour or cruise shore excursion.
    2. Offer superior customer service. The travel business is built around customer service. After all, a customer can make his or her own reservations. It’s knowledge, convenience and having someone to turn to if the event of a travel mishap that really makes a good travel agent invaluable.
    3. Create your own brand. Branding isn’t just for cereal or restaurant chains. Becoming known in your area as the cruise expert or the local travel guru can go a long way towards bringing new business to you and your agency. This works both for individuals and for travel companies. First, define what you’d like to be known for. Then, get the word out via the Internet, print advertising, your newsletter and direct mail. Let television and newspaper reporters know that you’re willing to comment on travel stories.
    4. Ask for feedback. No travel agent can see every destination, every hotel or every cruise line. Asking your customers for their impressions (and sincerely listening to them) will help you build your travel knowledge as well as show your customers that you care about how they enjoyed their trip.
    5. Master social media. Many travel professionals view the Internet as a beast waiting to steal their clients. However, having a solid social media presence can help you boost your brand, connect with existing and potential customers and help to establish you as an expert in your travel niche.

    While there is certainly a lot of competition in the travel business, setting yourself apart by adding value, offering stellar customer service and becoming known for a certain aspect of the travel industry can help to boost your sales and create a loyal customer base. Follow this link to find out more information about become a travel agent