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    Hotel FERGUS Club

    The new face of the Calvià coastline

    Magaluf, Palmanova, Paquera, Portals, Santa Ponsa, la Costa de la Calma… The Calvià coastline is one of the most famous and busiest vacation points in Mallorca. An emblem of Mediterranean tourism since the early 60s – 70s, it is now trying to renew its services, hotel industry and general concept of destination to attract a more affluent and sustainable form of tourism.

    This summer they have broken records. Mallorca has not only returned to the same tourism figures before the crisis, but has far exceeded them. More than 1.8 million tourists came to the island last July, a figure that was exceeded in August, the month of vacation for excellence. The controversy over the saturation of the territory immediately jumped into the fray and many groups screamed to the sky for what they consider a clear excess influx of visitors on an island that doesn’t reach one million residents.

    Mass tourism is scary and not well received, but it’s the economic engine of Mallorca and many other areas of Spain that are in the same situation. The solution most proposed is to change the type of tourism on the island and bet on fewer visitors, but of higher quality (less overnight stays, but increased spending, both in complementary services and accommodation).

    For years this transformation model has been on the table and although advancing at a slower pace than expected by much of the population, private initiative with the support of the government has taken its first steps in this direction. The reform of the Playa de Palma and remodeling of the most mature areas of the coast of Calvia, as Magaluf, Palma Nova and Paguera.

    The hotel bet in Mallorca.

    Chains like Melià Hotels and FERGUS Hotels the ones that have shaped the launch of what will be the new Calvià coastline. Their investments in the refurbishment of several of their hotels have already marked a before and after in the local, regional, national and international tourism sector. The performances aren’t for nothing because they have managed to change the type of tourist who usually was landing in areas such as Magaluf and Palmanova to enjoy a summer holiday and low cost debauchery.

    Although the concept of the area about going out and the nightlife is still present in these beach resorts in western Mallorca, the truth is that it’s been determined that the lack of control has been reduced and the rest of hotel industry is considering searching for similar options, although with not as strong investments, and yes with notable changes to their establishments.


                The investments of the hotel chains have been in multimillions in the last 5 years.

    The new hotels, like the Sol House, Sol Katmandú Park, Sol Beach House, The FERGUS Resort or the FERGUS Style Palmanova, are spaces of design, with themed rooms, specially oriented to the young crowd and the middle aged with medium to high purchasing power that search for a vacation destination with a fun environment but also select. So they change the large nightclubs and pubs for chill out areas, live DJ sessions, pool parties, spa areas, gourmet restaurants, and classy cocktail bars…

    The investments have been in the multimillions, always searching for a model of hotel experience that makes it so each guest can enjoy all the charm of the destination practically without leaving their accommodation. This increases the consumption within their facilities and although the average stay has been reduced by the increase in the price of hotels, profits are maintained and even increased.

    Also, the type of traveler begins to change. The average age of young people who land in this area has increased, becoming hotels for middle-aged people, ranging from 25 to 45 years, more educated and of a high payroll giving them the chance to indulge whims and extra expenses on your vacation.

    The complementary offer has been able to keep pace and the new proposals of restaurants and leisure are in line with this new hotel design formula: the distinction is imposed on the mass. Areas less affected by the overcrowding and low-cost tourism, but that were right on the border, such as Santa Ponsa, the Costa de la Calma and Paguera, have joined this movement for change and improvement.

    Beyond Magaluf

    FERGUS Hotels has recently made one of its strongest investments in this area, particularly in the hotel FERGUS Club Europa, with 4.5 million euros to recover an obsolete accommodation, making it a benchmark for the holiday. The hotel has grown from a 3 star to 4, maintaining its hotel concept for families, but with areas designed exclusively for adults.

    The works carried out in this and in many other hotels in the Calvià area respond to a pattern that is reflected in the demands and travel motivations of tourists of the 21st century: pools that are water parks for children, chill areas out and relaxation reserved for 18 years and over, wellness centers and spa, themed restaurants with gourmet cuisine, bars with high quality cocktails, terraces with live music sessions all day and night, entertainment programs with special activities ranging from golf to workshops for the little ones…