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    Golf in France

    Golf in France

    When we think about France, we often picture Eiffel Tower, cheese, wine and mediterranean food but what often forget is that France is one of the favourite countries for golf lovers.

    During the 19th century, doctors claimed that the mild climate can be good both for the body and for the soul. Rich people started moving to France and developed fist golf course in Europe which dates all the way back to 1856.


    Due to its mild climate, topography and varied landscape, France is ideal golfing country with more than a 360,000 affiliated golf club members. It does not come as surprise that many holiday resorts and mansions have its own golf courses available for their guests.  One of them is the Chateau Du Grand Val, located in Brittany.

    If golf doesn’t sounds interesting to you, there is a lot of other activities to choose from. For instance, sand yachting can be one of the options.

    Golf might not be the main reason why you would like to spend your holiday in France but more and more golf lovers are discovering the great courses and affordable green fees. Chateau Du Grand Val is located only 15 minutes away from the golf courses and it welcomes golfers with a sumptuous menu of golf courses.

    Golf in France is becoming more and more popular because visitors can enjoy excellent golf courses.

    If you are not interested in golf, France is still one of the countries that should take a place on your list. All the stories you heard about French cuisine are true – pastries, sauces, cheese, wine and champagne. If it is a nice weather outside have a picnic with your friends and family at nearby park or try French cuisine in bistros, brasseries and restaurants.