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    10 Smart podcasts that will make your commute way better

    For time-sensitive go-getters, long drives to and from work can feel like pits filled with lost opportunity, but it doesn’t have to be that way. These 10 podcasts turn a mundane commute into an opportunity to learn more, think critically, and be a bigger part of the world.

    1. Fresh Air

    NPR’s Fresh Air is exactly that – a revitalizing and energizing glimpse into the minds, plans, and lives of some of our society’s biggest movers and shakers.

    1. Extreme Productivity with Kevin Kruse

    Even people who walk to work have enough time to listen in on this 15-minute master class featuring tips gleaned from some of the world’s most successful people regarding productivity, success, and lots of things in between.

    1. Farstuff

    Learn more about the future of the Internet of Things and the growth of tech-led interconnectivity.

    1. The Bugle

    Before his HBO show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver, joined by Andy Zaltzman, turned the world’s best stories into bits via The Bugle. Though not currently taping, there is still tons of drive-worthy current events and political info in each archived episode.

    1. Tiny Spark

    Dial into this podcast and donate your commute to the idea of giving back, including who needs assistance and how you can best lend a helping hand.

    1. Dorm Room Tycoon

    Listen in as those in the know tell you what you need to know about the future of business and tech as it begins to happen.

    1. Freakonomics

    All the smart-making sense of the Levitt and Dubner best-selling book but with less reading-while-driving danger.

    1. The Pollsters

    It’s an election year, and you can’t avoid politics even if you want to, so you might as well treat yourself to a balanced take thanks to this show featuring insight on the week’s top stories from both a Democrat and a Republican.

    1. All In: Elevating Your Leadership Game

    Whether you’re already managing a crew or still just aspiring to, this how-to podcast by Alicia Dunams will help you be a better boss.

    1. Ambitious Entrepreneur Show

    Get your passion project a little closer to launching with tips from Annemarie Cross on how to stand out from the ever-growing crowd of fellow entrepreneurs.

    At least once in your life (or once per week) you’ve wished for more hours in a day. That may not be happening anytime soon, but you can maximize the time you do have and build a better personal brand with the commute-friendly shows above. Follow this link to find out more information about corporate travel