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    Monthly Archives: May 2016

    Conference in France

    Conferences are about learning new things, meeting new people but also about traveling around the world. One of our favourite places for conferences is France.

    In France you can enjoy the cheeses, taste oysters or frog legs. Sounds interesting, right?

    Well, there is more.


    France is a country of fashion, culture and architecture. There is something for everyone.

    You can practice skiing in winter, sunbathing and swimming in the summer or relax and practice yoga in spring. Same people would say that France is a land of opportunity. Here, you can take the group to a sunny Nice or why not go skiing in Chamonix monstrous Alps.

    What can be better for a team building if not learning, eating and having fun together? If you still haven’t booked your conference trip, we suggest you to visit the website of a chateau du Grand Val. Here you can find all about conferences in France, specifically about conferences in Brittany.

    Chateau Du Grand Val

    Have you always dreamed of having a life as kings and queens? We can finally make your dreams come true. If you would like to spend a week or more in a chateau in France, we can highly recommend you to book your stay at the Chateau Du grand Val.

    This charming chateau dates from the 14 century and most of the rooms are furnished with the 17th century furniture. The castle can accommodate up to 14 persons and the package includes  seven rooms, kitchen, library and two salons.

    We cannot forget the royal garden and swimming pool. For all of you who would like to be more active during the vocation, chateau du Grand Val offers sand surfing and golf courses.

    When it comes to vacation in France, spring and summer are the most popular time of the year. We would advise to book your stay as soon as possible or otherwise you might have to wait until the next year. If you wouldn’t like to share the chateau with the other people, you could ask you friends of family members to join you on the trip to France.  It is always fun to have vocation with the bigger group of people. Moreover, you can share the costs for the rent nd save some extra money.